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When Sundays don't Work

Let's face it, sometimes Sundays just aren't the best day for you to come to church. From work to sports to travel, weekends are getting busier and busier. So we’re experimenting with a Thursday night service option to give you the opportunity to build consistency in your spiritual journey, even when your schedule changes.


6:30 PM

Dickson City Campus | Get Directions

Parker Hill Thursdays is a 9-week experiment during the months of May and June.

What to Expect

Thursdays will be just like Sundays!

Kids programming (Birth–Grade 5)
Live worship music
Live teaching

BONUS: Come for a light dinner at 6:00!

Got Questions?

An experiment like this is bound to raise some questions. So we've tried to anticipate the most likely questions and provide thorough answers. Download the FAQ sheet below to get a deeper understanding of the what Thursdays at Parker Hill are all about.