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The Financial Learning Experience is a high-energy, inspirational, and highly-practical class taught LIVE by Joe Sangl, author of I Was Broke, Now I’m Not. In addition to learning realistic ways to eliminate debt and plan for retirement, you'll also learn the reason why good financial stewardship is so important to God.

This is an event you do not want to miss. It's free to attend, we'll provide light appetizers and childcare for kids ages 0-12.

Event Details

Dickson City Campus
February 27
6:00–6:30: Light Appetizers
6:30–8:30: Joe Sangl LIVE!
Childcare for ages 0–Grade 5


Registration is required for this free event. Let us know you're coming so we can plan for you and any children you will need childcare for.

What You'll Learn

How to develop a spending plan that works
Strategies for eliminating debt
Your debt-free date
How much money you need for retirement
The power of compound interest
Joseph Sangl’s Little Known, Secret Formula