What can we help you find?

If you've ever had young children, you know that diapers are a major expense. Many families spend up to 14% of their income on diapers. That's a difficult burden for single moms and low-income families to bear. We want to help lighten the load by providing 1,000,000 diapers to local organizations who can get them to local moms and families in need.

Because of a very generous donation from Procter & Gamble, we're already over 90% of the way to meeting our goal of one million diapers!

Get Involved!

Between now and Mother's Day (Sunday, May 12), you can make a financial donation to the project, or purchase diapers yourself and bring them to your campus.

Donate Diapers

Purchase newborn-size 6 diapers and bring them to your campus by May 12. Whether you can afford a pack of 32 at the grocery store or a case of 220 on Amazon, every diaper counts toward our goal of 1,00,000 diapers!

Make a Financial Contribution

If buying diapers isn't your thing, or you don't have the time, you can still be part of this project. Click below to donate directly to the project and we'll do the shopping.

What If I Don't go to Parker Hill Church?

No problem! We want the whole community to participate. You can support Diaper Duty with a donation or buy diapers and drop them off at our church office Mon–Thurs from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM.