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Partnering with Families

We believe that two combined influences are better than just two influences. Our goal is to partner with your family to live a great story.

Each week, we want every kid and student who walks through our doors to experience four things: life-changing relationships, age-appropriate and safe environments, creative Bible teaching, and fun.


Ages 0–5
Mungu Land is a caring environment that houses both our Nursery area and our Pre-School environments.

Elementary Kids

Our Weekly Epic Kidz is designed to assist all elementary age kids in finding their place in God’s Epic story.


3D is a weekly gathering for middle and high school students from 6:30 to 8:00 at the Dickson City and Wilkes-Barre campuses. Expect lots of fun, music, engaging Bible teaching, and age/gender-specific small groups with friends and caring adult mentors.

Kids and Students Website

Stay up-to-date with all that's happening with our Kids and Students ministries at parkerhillfamily.org. There you'll find event listings, registrations, and blog posts about what your kids and students are learning.