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Prayer knows no borders. One of the most important ways you can get involved with our Outreach efforts is through prayer. Pray for our friends and neighbors both here at home and in our partner villages—Tumutumu, Kenya and Jeanton, Haiti. Pray for the work that's being done, thank God for the lives being changed, and ask him for guidance on how he wants you to be involved.

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Did you know that over 200 students in Kenya and Haiti are being sponsored by attenders of Parker Hill?

Did you know that over the past 3 years, students and adults of Parker Hill have raised over $100,000 for building schools, establishing business opportunities, and bring clean water to these communities?

Giving is not just an expression of generosity. It is an expression of God's love that all followers of Jesus can take joy in.

Sponsor a Student

For less than the cost of a cup of coffee every day, you can put a child through school in Haiti or Kenya. The reach of this investment is immeasurable, the impact is eternal.


God is at work, not just here but everywhere! He’s not confined to one continent or bound by any of our borders. He’s a global God and He is at work. We invite you to see this first hand by joining a GO Journey team to visit one of our partner villages in Kenya or Haiti.


Join the team heading to Tumutumu, Kenya. Get the details and submit your application to get started.


Join the team heading to Jeanton, Haiti. Get the details and submit your application to get started.