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Economic Atheist

Some people divide life into two categories. First, there are “spiritual” issues like prayer, worship, Heaven and Hell. Then, there are “practical” (non-spiritual) issues like business and economics. Scripture does not recognize those categories. For the Christian, all of life must be lived under the umbrella of God’s leadership – including our financial lives. Sadly, many Christians live like atheists when it comes to the way they earn, spend and manage their finances.

What's Mine is Mine

November 10, 2013 by Mark Stuenzi Message 1 of 3

An Economic Atheist believes that wealth is simply the product of hard work and wise decisions; and since it was MY hard work and MY wise decisions that got me to where I am, then MY money is MINE to do with as I please. An Economic Theist believes that everything we have is a gift from God – on loan to us for a period of time. Socialism teaches that the government owns it all; capitalism teaches that we own it all; but the Bible teaches us that God owns it all. Because of this, we are “managers” of our possessions, not “owners” of our possessions. As such, we will give an account for how we use what has been entrusted to us. When we recognize this truth, it will drive us to seek God’s wisdom for our financial decisions, knowing that it’s all His anyway. We will also feel less guilty for having our wealth, but feel more responsible for the way we use it.

Consumed or Consumer?

November 17, 2013 by Mark Stuenzi Message 2 of 3

An Economic Atheist makes decisions based on the whims of culture and popular opinion, and often ends up being trapped in consumerism. The Economic Theist makes financial decisions based on God’s laws and principles, and lives a life of freedom and generosity. In our culture, consumerism has become a false God. When we worship this false god, our hearts become twisted and our eyes turn inward; we violate God’s principles in our pursuit of a certain lifestyle. Conversely, when we worship the one true God, we are driven by gratitude and we begin to think and act with a spirit of generosity – since He is the God who “gave His one and only Son.”

My Kingdom Come

November 24, 2013 by Mark Stuenzi Message 3 of 3

Jesus told us to “seek first God’s Kingdom,” trusting that God would provide everything else that we need (Matthew 6:33). The Economic Atheist believes that the highest goal is the exaltation of self. Therefore, material things are simply a means to achieve personal comfort and upward mobility. The Economic Theist believes that God is the only worthy object of our worship. Therefore, material things become a tool to exalt God’s name and advance His kingdom. The Economic Atheist is a consumer; the Economic Theist is a worshipper. The Economic Atheist gives “charitable contributions” but the Economic Theist gives worship.

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