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Every 1 Matters 2017

There are lots of things in life that really matter to us. It may be our favorite sports team, our house, our career, or our kids.  Although most of those things are important, none of them are ultimate. In the eyes of God, there is only one thing that really matters: the church.  Not a building or a denomination or an hour on Sunday – but the movement of people who collectively embody God’s grace and truth. A healthy, missional church will be a church that is focused on the “1” – not just the “99.”

Every Person Matters

March 5, 2017 by Mark Stuenzi Message 1 of 5

Over time, many churches tend to drift into an insider/outsider mindset. Long-term believers can begin to look at unbelievers with a spirit of indifference, rather than a spirit of compassion. Eventually, the church can become more of a Christian social club than a search-and-rescue operation. In Jesus’ day, the religious leaders struggled with the fact that Jesus spent so much time with some of the worst people in society.

The Church Matters

March 12, 2017 by Mark Stuenzi Message 2 of 5

Long-term believers can easily forget what it was like to walk in the doors of a church for the first time. Over time, churches can build their programs around the already-convinced, while ignoring those who are still trying to figure it all out. Worse yet, churches can expect new believers to look and act a certain way before they are really welcomed. This week, we'll take a deeper look at why we do things in a way that is relevant, engaging and creative.

Every Crew Member Matters

March 19, 2017 by Dan White Message 3 of 5

In our culture, many people see approach church with a consumerist mentality. This creates churches full of people who show up for the service but do not really engage in the mission. That mentality weakens the church and stunts the spiritual growth of the believer. If you are not serving, you are not growing. Just like the human body needs the all of its parts to be functioning, the church needs every person to play their part.

Every Tithe Matters

March 26, 2017 by Mark Stuenzi Message 4 of 5

Our natural tendency as human beings is to put ourselves first and then make God an afterthought. When it comes to giving, most people give spontaneously, sporadically and sparingly. In contrast, our giving should be defined by the words priority, percentage and progressive. Throughout the Bible, God gave his people a tangible way to remind themselves and express to others the fact that God is Lord of all, and is worthy of our worship.

Your One

April 2, 2017 by Mark Stuenzi Message 5 of 5

For many people, the only way they will ever hear the Gospel is by seeing it lived out and hearing it explained by someone who is already a follower of Christ. In Mark 2, we read the story of a disabled man who wanted to see Jesus. Because of some friends who loved him, he met Jesus and found the answer to his deepest problem – his need to be forgiven and reconciled to God.

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