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Flip the Script

A movie’s story is captured in the script. The script determines the character’s dialogue and decisions. We all have a script that drives our lives. Our life scripts are what we are thinking. We are controlled by the lies we don’t combat because our behavior always flows out of our beliefs. When we flip the script, we will know the truth and the truth will set us free.

Your Thoughts are Harmless

April 8, 2018 by Dan White Message 1 of 4

In Romans 8, Paul makes it clear that our actions are the byproduct of where we put our attention. The stakes couldn’t be higher: setting our minds on the things of the flesh leads to unrighteousness and death. While setting our minds on the things of the Spirit leads to righteousness and life. For many, the lies of enemy have a stronghold in their minds. Strongholds are the lies we live by.

You Don't Have What It Takes

April 15, 2018 by Mark Stuenzi Message 2 of 4

Insecurity robs us of our confidence. Uncertainty keeps us playing it safe. The problem is, God didn’t call us to “safe” lives. God calls us to a risk-taking faith. Insecurity says “no” to risks. Our insecurities show us that we are finding our identity in something other than God. Insecurity means our strength, courage, and confidence are misplaced. As Christians our identity must come from another source: who we are in Christ.

You Should Give Up

April 23, 2018 by Dan White Message 3 of 4

In America, the majority of adults will experience some form of depression. Popular culture labels a wide range of emotional conditions as depression. From “blah” to “blue” to “burned out” to “blank,” depression is a widespread and elusive occurrence. It has many causes and different degrees of symptoms. What’s comforting is that the Bible is not silent on how to navigate the dark nights of depression. We can trust and know that God is there for us, even in our darkest times.

You Have No Future

April 29, 2018 by Mark Stuenzi Message 4 of 4

We can allow our past to write the script for our future. When this happens, we convince ourselves that we are defined by our failures and chained to our mistakes. When this lie speaks to us, we must remember what Jesus has done for us. He lived the sinless life we could not live, died the death that we deserved and rose again so we could have a relationship with God. In Christ, my history is not my identity.

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