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How To Be Brave

Fear is a fact of life. An appropriate level of fear can keep us alive and healthy; but when it begins to dominate our lives, fear can keep us imprisoned behind bars of safety and predictability. We are designed for more. God never meant for us to live trapped by fear & anxiety.

Fear and Faith

September 10, 2017 by Mark Stuenzi Message 1 of 5

There are times in life when we face a challenge for which we feel inadequate and unprepared. It may be a challenge that was put upon us by the world around us, or a challenge that we know God is calling us toward. After the death of Moses, Joshua was given the difficult task of leading the people of Israel into the Promised Land. He felt inadequate and unprepared. But God promised that He would be with them.


September 17, 2017 by Mark Stuenzi Message 2 of 5

In order to cultivate a heroic faith, we need to form the habit of thinking thoughts that are of God. It’s all about forging a courageous state of mind. When we focus on the wrong things, fear is produced; when we focus on the right things, faith is produced. Most of our fear is the result of listening to the wrong voices. The fear that you feel is usually the result of lies you believe.


September 24, 2017 by Dan White Message 3 of 5

God’s people were living under the oppression of the Midianites. After the people cried out to God, he chose Gideon to deliver them from the hand of Midian. Gideon couldn’t see past his own inadequacies. The Lord promised to be with him. What Gideon needed to see was the unseen God. The solution to dealing with fear is to factor in God, and to see our problems against the backdrop of what He can do.

What Do You Have To Lose?

October 1, 2017 by Mark Stuenzi Message 4 of 5

Sometimes the simplest fears can keep us from experience the greatest breakthroughs. We fear what is unfamiliar. We fear looking stupid. We fear feeling gullible. There are times when God is clearly prompting us to do something that doesn’t make sense, but fear holds us back. Naaman sought healing for leprosy, but when Elisha told him what to do, he either believed it to be too simple, or feared looking foolish. What's holding you back from trusting God?

Not Ashamed (Baptism)

October 8, 2017 by Mark Stuenzi Message 5 of 5

Baptism is the public declaration of an inward commitment. It proclaims death to our old life and our resurrection to a new life in Christ. Jesus set the example of baptism for his followers and it has been observed since the early church. Baptism is also a beautiful symbol of the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ. It is a defining moment in the lives of Christ followers and we love to celebrate it!

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