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Jesus On

The Sermon On The Mount is Jesus’ most famous teaching. Here He talks about what He wants life to look like for every Christian. The simple summary is this: Jesus makes life better and makes you better at life.


June 9,2019 by Dan White Message 1 of 12

We all long to be happy. Sometimes life can take away things or people that mean the most to us. How can we find happiness when it seems everything around us is broken? It is only found by finding it in God's Kingdom.


June 16,2019 by Mark Stuenzi Message 2 of 12

We were called to be the salt and light in this world. God gave us each an opportunity to influence those who don't know Christ every day!


June 23, 2019 by Mark Stuenzi Message 3 of 12

Words have the ability to build each other up or tear each other apart. Sometimes we still continue to hold onto grudges with someone and our anger builds more and more. Jesus told us to live at peace with everyone so we can have healthy and meaningful relationships.

Sexual Purity

June 30,2019 by Dan White Message 4 of 12

Society today tells us that when it comes to sex, Christians make a big deal about nothing. Our sexual desires outside of God's provision can cause pain and damage to our marriages and future relationships. God wants us to desire him first and when we do, our marriages and relationships will thrive.

Love Your Enemies

July 7,2019 by Mark Stuenzi Message 5 of 12

When people wrong us, the hardest thing to do is to forgive them. Sometimes we plan for the sweetest revenge or feel happy when something bad ends up happening in their lives. Jesus said to pray for those who persecute us because on the cross, Jesus forgave those who persecuted Him.

Spiritual Authenticity

July 14,2019 by Mark Stuenzi Message 6 of 12

There can be a pretty big gap between the people we appear to be and the people we really are. Having it all together on the outside isn't nearly as important as we are on the inside. Jesus wants us to have spiritual authenticity and to check our hearts first.


July 21,2019 by Dan White Message 7 of 12

Prayer is something that should connect us to the heart of God. When we pray, it is important to remember that God is not only God​ but our heavenly Father who wants us to come to Him first.


July 28,2019 by Mark Stuenzi Message 8 of 12

We are blessed to live in a time where things are right at our fingertips, but when that becomes our main focus, it can distract us from what truly matters. Our earthly possessions end up tired and worn out, but when we live our lives for God's Kingdom, we store up many treasures in heaven.


August 4, 2019 by Mark Stuenzi Message 9 of 12

The voices of fear and anxiety are often the loudest ones in our minds. And too often, we allow them to get so loud that they drown out the voice of God. In this message, we'll look at what Jesus has to say about worry, and how we can best deal with it in our lives.


August 11, 2019 by Mark Stuenzi Message 10 of 12

What did Jesus mean when he said "do not judge?" Did he mean that we should never form an opinion about anything or question someone's choices? We don't think so. A critical part of understanding what Jesus' words mean for us requires understanding the context in which they were said.

The Golden Rule

August 18,2019 by Dan White Message 11 of 12

Matthew 7:21 says, "So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you." We know this as The Golden Rule. But when it comes to living it out, it can seem impossible. When we want to be more loving, keep asking God and He will provide.


August 25,2019 by Paul McGuinness Message 12 of 12

Jesus brings his greatest teaching to a close with a powerful illustration. How can two people, with such similar pasts, end up with such opposite futures? There is no certainty that just because we have heard Jesus' words, that we will survive the storms of life. There is something more we must do.

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