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The Power of Words

Words have incredible power—for good or for evil. With words, Martin Luther King, Jr. awakened the conscience of a nation. With words, Hitler made evil sound acceptable. Throughout history, words have caused wars and words have brokered peace. The right words at the right time can be exactly what we need to hear, or what we need to say. How do we reign in hurtful words and instead, use our tongues to bless others? During this series, we will explore the power of our words in our families, at work, and in the digital age.

Speak Thoughtfully

November 5, 2017 by Mark Stuenzi Message 1 of 4

Sometimes we underestimate the power of our words – whether written or spoken. But words have great power. Proverbs 18:12 says, “Life and death are in the power of the tongue…” Genesis 1 tells us that God used words to give life to everything. Genesis 3 tells us that the Evil One used words to bring death. In the same way, our words can bring life or death into our relationships, our church and our world.

Speak Life

November 12, 2017 by Mark Stuenzi Message 2 of 4

Although constructive criticism and helpful coaching can be valuable, a critical spirit is not. A critical spirit can destroy intimacy in marriage, alienates our kids and damage our testimony. We must make a choice: will we be fault-finders or hope-dealers? In the book of Acts, Barnabas stands out as a great example of how our words can be used to encourage others and help them reach their potential.

Speak Gratefully

November 19, 2017 by Mark Stuenzi Message 3 of 4

Complaining is corrosive and contagious. Complaining steals our joy and actually hardwires our brains to have a more negative view of life. Paul commands the believers in Philippi to ”Do everything without grumbling or arguing.” All of our complaints are, ultimately, complaints against God. What we need to do is shift our attention from our disappointments to the goodness of God and replace our words of complaint with words of gratitude.

Speaking for the King

November 26, 2017 by Dan White Message 4 of 4

Our words have the potential to give life – even eternal life! The highest and best use of our words is sharing the message of the Gospel with those who need hope and need answers. In 2 Corinthians 5, Paul reminds us that we are “Christ’s ambassadors, as though God were making his appeal through us.” Paul reminds us that our “conversation is always full of grace, seasoned with salt, so that you may know how to answer everyone.”

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