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God’s Purpose For Your Life In Four Simple Questions

Mark Stuenzi
August 9, 2020

God can use anyone. It doesn’t matter how unqualified, unprepared, or inadequate you might think you are, God has a plan for you. As we see in Ehud’s story in Judges 3, God often chooses the most unlikely people to change the world. In this sermon from our Dark Horses series, you’ll learn four questions that can help you zero in on God’s purpose for your life.

Some of the greatest heroes in history are people whose names we don’t even recognize, just ordinary people who found themselves in a situation where someone needed to take action, and they chose to be that someone.

This sermon series is called Dark Horses. The term “dark horse” actually comes from the horse racing industry. It describes a racehorse that is unknown and, therefore, it’s hard to put betting odds on that horse. So they call that a dark horse. And over time, that phrase was applied to people. So a dark horse is a little-known person who comes out of nowhere and ultimately accomplishes something significant.

Dark Horse stories inspire us to wonder if we can make a difference in this world. But so often, we wake up the next day, to the reality of life, and that sense of inspiration quickly turns into a sense of inadequacy. And if we let it, that feeling of inadequacy can keep us on the sidelines instead of fully immersed in God’s purpose for our life.

Four Questions of God’s Purpose

Ehud’s story illustrates four principles that led him to discover God’s purpose for his life, and ultimately to change the course of history. If we ask ourselves these four questions, we too can zero in on what God has in store for us:

  1. What bothers me (deeply, spiritually) about this world?
  2. What do I have to offer?
  3. Am I willing to take a risk?
  4. Who is waiting for me to act?

Take some time to watch this message video, and reflect on these four questions. Better yet, bring some other people in on the discussion and open yourself up to what God’s purpose for your life could be. You might be surprised.

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