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The Right Tools at the Right Time

At some point we all get stale, stuck, or start searching for more. Most often all we need is the right tool to break through in our relationship with God. Spiritual disciplines are the biblical tools Christians have been using for centuries to draw closer to God.

We use the disciplines because we need help, not because we are so holy. Experiment with the tools to find out what helps you connect with God the best. Download all of them at once or choose the most relevant tools for you.

Bible Reading

God is talking. Are you listening?


Make prayer your first response instead of your last resort.


Pausing is a powerful rhythm you really need to try.


Confession keeps your soul clean and your relationships close.


It’s not what you think.


This surprising tool will take a load off.


Get a grasp of what God is up to in your life.


Change your focus. Change your life.


What direction would your life take if you were not so distracted?


Those that keep learning, keep living.


It is insane to go it alone. Explore why life is better connected.